Veronica Cole

Veronica Cole

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Wake Forest University


Welcome to my academic website! Here you can learn a bit about my research and teaching. I work with students at the undergraduate and graduate levels to study novel ways of measuring human experiences across the life course, an effort we call the Measurement Across Development (MAD) Lab.

My collaborative research focuses on the application of latent variable models to the measurement of psychopathology and health risk behaviors in adolescence and early adulthood. As a quantitative psychologist, I generally do statistical analyses on pre-existing datasets in order to help untangle the complex set of factors which drive people toward and away from healthy behaviors across development.


  • Measurement Invariance
  • Latent Variable Models
  • Developmental Psychopathology


  • PhD in Quantitative Psychology, 2017

    University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

  • MA in Quantitative Psychology, 2014

    University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

  • BA in Psychology, 2009

    Wellesley College

Recent Publications

Exploring stress, cognitive, and affective mechanisms of the relationship between interpersonal trauma and opioid misuse

Social network isolation mediates associations between risky symptoms and substance use in the high school transition

A Latent Variable Approach to Measuring Social Dynamics in Adolescence


Social Position and Health Risk in Adolescence

How does an adolescent’s position among their peers affect their risk of substance use? Our collaborative team including graduate and undergraduate students is conducting a systematic review to synthesize the current evidence about this question.

Retrospection and Self-Report in Longitudinal Studies

When we ask subjects about past their behavior, what period of time should we ask them to recall? If we ask an adolescent about their depressive symptoms in the past week, we will obviously get different information than if we asked about the past year.


Fall 2020

  • Developmental Psychology, PSY 241
  • Research in Developmental Psychology, PSY 341

Spring 2020

  • Developmental Psychology, PSY 241
  • Correlational Research Methods, PSY 311


  • 336 758 7144
  • 470 Greene Hall, 1834 Wake Forest Rd, Winston-Salem, NC 27109
  • Take the elevator to the fourth floor. Take a left out of the elevator, then another immediate left (down the long hallway). My office suite is the first on the right!
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